Product Number: MTVBTDCKH

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The Trident™ is the ultimate weapon for heavy oil and features MOTIV’s latest technology to provide massive hook potential.  Featuring the new Turbulent™ asymmetric core, the Trident™ explores a spec set no previous MOTIV release has targeted before.  This enables the ball to retain more energy and produce powerful continuation.  Coercion HVH (High Volume Hybrid) cover stock is also new technology.  It gives the Trident™ superb mid-lane read and an incredibly strong transition at the backend.  Tuned with a 3000 Grit LSS finish, this ball dominates on heavy oil.  The Trident is a heavy oil ball that offers massive hook potential and versatility.  Many league bowlers will find it playable on medium-heavy oil patterns too because it retains energy so well.     

Condition: Heavy Oil
Core Design: TurbulentTM 
Coverstock: CoercionTM HVH Reactive
Finish: 3000 Grit LSS

                        #16     #15     #14    
RG Rating:    2.49    2.49    2.51    
RG DIFF:       .051    .054    .054    
MB DIFF:       .016    .017    .017