Primal Rage Remix

Product Number: MTVBPRGKH

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The Primal Rage Remix is here!  The original Primal Rage (the #redball) made people take notice in MOTIV® technology.  Now,  we’ve amped up performance even more with new Raw Fusion coverstock technology.  Engineered for heavy oil, the Primal Rage Remix provides the length needed with an aggressive backend motion.  And, of course, it delivers the continuation that you have come to expect from MOTIV®.

Condition: Heavy Oil
Core Design: 
Impulse V2
Coverstock: Raw Fusion™ Hybrid Reactive
Finish: 4000 Grit LSS

                        #16      #15      #14      #13      #12 
RG Rating:   2.54    2.55      2.56     2.60     2.67
RG DIFF:      .049    .050      .054     .055     .040