Octane Burn

Product Number: MTVBOBBP

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Built for light to medium oil, the Octane Burn provides more length than the Forza Redline and the Venom Panic, while delivering a strong backend motion.

For the typical bowler, the Octane™ Burn will be a great piece to switch to when the house shot breaks down and friction levels increase.  This is a ball built to play the burn. Competitive bowlers may like this new Burn edition of the Octane better than the original because the transition at the backend is slightly more controlled so shot consistency is improved.

Condition: Light-Medium Oil
Core Design: QuadfireTM 
Coverstock: HelixTM SFP Reactive
Finish: 5500 Grit LSP

                             16#    15#     14#     13#     12#        
RG Rating:        2.54    2.55    2.56    2.58    2.59        
RG DIFF:           .040    .043     .043    .047    .050