Lethal Paranoia

Product Number: MTVBPLKG

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Merge a super clean cover with a ridiculously fast backend response and you have a deadly combination. That’s the Lethal Paranoia™!   Designed for medium oil, this new ball is the perfect progression from the Trident Quest™. 

The Lethal Paranoia™ is built using the incredible new Hexion™ cover technology introduced on the Trident Quest.  This breakthrough cover stock creates length and incredible angle. 

The Oblivion™ weight block in the Lethal Paranoia™ also compliments the angular backend motion through a higher RG to retain energy and a dual density design that flips hard. 

Condition: Medium Oil
Core Design:  OblivionTM 
Coverstock: Hexion™ Hybrid Reactive
Finish: 5500 Grit LSP

                             16#    15#     14#     13#     12#        
RG Rating:          2.53    2.53    2.54    2.60    2.65        
RG DIFF:            .040    .047     .048    .038    .028