Graffiti Tag

Product Number: MTVBTGPP

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Leave your mark with the new Graffiti Tag.  On light oil, it provides maximum drift to reach deep to the backend of the lane where it unleashes an explosive response to friction.    

League bowlers that are rev dominant will appreciate the energy retention provided by the new Agility™ MXR shell.  Tournament bowlers have been waiting for a piece like this from MOTIV.  The Graffiti Tag will allow them to play in the burn and bounce off a dry spot deep at the backend of the lane. 

Condition: Light Oil
Core Design: HalogenTM
Coverstock: AgilityTM  MXR Solid Reactive
Finish: 5500 Grit Laser Scan Polished

                         #16      #15      #14      #13      #12 
RG Rating:    2.54     2.55      2.56     2.59     2.64
RG DIFF:       .036     .037      .038     .038     .031